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Thus, if the entire cost of the equipment was $1,000, and it depreciates over ten years then the entire amount of expense incurred each year on the balance sheet would be $100. Note that if the amount of income was $600 for the next ten years then the amount in the first year would be a loss of $400. However, because this amount was capitalized the company will show a profit of $500 each year for the next ten years. Capitalization is the process of including an expense on a balance sheet.

What does it mean to capitalize on a situation?

: to get an advantage from (something, such as an event or situation) They were able to capitalize on our mistakes. She capitalized on her new fame by writing a book.

Hurts has been able to capitalize offensively based, in part, on his ability to extend the play with his feet and find Brown and Smith downfield. As mobile quickly becomes foundational to industry and commerce, vendors that align with the larger investment ecosystem should be well-positioned to help operators prepare to capitalize on the future. Ukrainian military officials, and outside military experts, however, say that Russia may not be able to capitalize on the advantage of its force size. The venture was capitalized with a loan of one million dollars. This demonstrates how the Dutch ij digraph must be handled like one single letter.

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For example, a company purchases a delivery truck for daily operations. The truck is expected to provide value over a period of 12 years. Instead of expensing the entire cost of the truck when purchased, accounting rules allow companies to write off the cost of the asset over its useful life . In most languages that use diacritics, these are treated the same way in uppercase whether the text is capitalized or all-uppercase.

  • The English vocative particle O, an archaic form of address, e.g.
  • If the total number of shares outstanding is 1 billion, and the stock is currently priced at $10, the market capitalization is $10 billion.
  • The full rules of capitalization in English are complicated.
  • However, large assets that provide a future economic benefit present a different opportunity.

However, statements can be manipulated—for example, when a cost is expensed instead of capitalized. If this occurs, current income will be understated while it will be inflated in future periods over which additional depreciation should have been charged. All words capitalized, except for certain subsets defined by rules that are not universally standardized, often minor words such as “the” , “of”, or “and”. Other commonly lowercase words are prepositions and coordinating conjunctions. The standardization is only at the level of house styles and individual style manuals. (See Headings and publication titles.) A simplified variant is start case, where all words, including articles, prepositions, and conjunctions, start with a capital letter. Look further into the capitalize meaning… If a company capitalizes its costs, then it means that the charges do not show up on the income statement.

Summary Definition

The most straightforward sense of the word in this context means to supply with capital . Depreciation is an accounting method of allocating the cost of a tangible asset over its useful life to account for declines in value over time. Capitalization is an accounting method in which a cost is included in the value of an asset and expensed over the useful life of that asset. The market value of capital depends on the price of the company’s stock. It is calculated by multiplying the price of the company’s stock by the number of equity shares outstanding in the market. If the total number of shares outstanding is 1 billion, and the stock is currently priced at $10, the market capitalization is $10 billion.


In addition, if all–caps must be used, it is customary in headings of a few words to slightly widen the spacing between the letters, by around 10% of the point height. Let’s pretend a company recently purchased office furniture that they plan to use in a building.

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