The Trick to Staying Motivated in Sobriety

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This does not mean they are “in denial.” It simply means they might benefit from some outside guidance. Motivational interviewing may be a beneficial tool to help these folks.

What is the number one cause of relapse?

High Levels of Stress. One of the most common relapse triggers which lead to addiction, stress is something that most everyone who has committed to recovery has to deal with. Everyone deals with stress. And, before treatment, you may have dealt with yours through the use of drugs or alcohol.

Conversely, sober living can offer you a life of meaning and benefit to both yourself and your loved ones. When you practice the steps of recovery and get the care and support of the people you love, you may find that you can motivate your recovery. Individuals who seek substance abuse treatment in order to improve their physical and mental wellbeing are more likely to succeed because their motivation is generally more sustainable than others.

Tips for Resolving Conflict

Stay connected – There are so many different ways to connect with others in the recovery community. The most widely known and used way to connect with other people dealing with the same things you are is through recovery meetings. These can be found almost anywhere and is a good source to stay motivated and immersed in your recovery. Motivation is one of, if not the most, crucial aspects of recovery. Motivation defines the reasons behind why we act the way we do or why we behave in a specific way. A lot of times, in early recovery, the motivation level to stay sober are very high and you have tons of plans and ideas in place to stay sober.

  • I am NOT responsible for my alcoholic loved one’s drinking, sobriety, job, cleanliness, diet, dental hygiene, or other choices.
  • You may find several inspirational quotes or helpful mantras that will carry you through the difficult times.
  • Studies have found that this practice–called self-affirmation–can help you make healthier decisions and improve your relationships.
  • MentalHelp has partnered with several thought leaders in the mental health and wellness space, so we can help you make informed decisions on your wellness journey.

So, when you feel tempted to drink or get high, ask yourself what’s really going on. One component of motivation is intrinsic motivation or the behavior that is driven by internal rewards.

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Achieving smaller goals will help to boost your confidence, which will also prevent you from sabotaging your own efforts. Motivation is a mover and a shaker, but perseverance is the slow and steady tortoise that’s going to get you across the finish line of your recovery race. recovery motivation Get cost-effective, quality addiction care that truly works. Getting enough sleep, but not too much, is essential to staying on track. Contentiousness — If you argue over every little thing and find it necessary to always be right, you could be in danger of a relapse.

  • Recovery is a process, but step by step, you’re going to do this.
  • Many have come before you and have fought their way to a healthier and more fulfilling life of sobriety.
  • If you need help, contact JourneyPure QuestHouse and let our compassionate staff guide you to a successful recovery from addiction.
  • If a song is playing, turn the radio off, if you get a text from an old friend with whom you used to use substances, consider blocking the number.
  • Just keep in mind that your improvements won’t happen overnight.
  • Motivation is essential for long-term sobriety, and here is what will happen with motivation as your guiding force in recovery.

During addiction recovery, you will face a new life without the burden of drugs and alcohol. While a clean, healthy lifestyle will dramatically improve your overall quality of life, it isn’t always easy. Breaking free of your addiction takes dedication and a strong will and, at times, it can seem like you’ll never escape its grasp. However, one of the best ways to beat addiction and to keep yourself on track is to remain motivated. Depending on the drugs you were using, certain hormones and chemicals balanced were altered in your body, which may have left your body dependent on these chemical alterations.

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On those days when you are struggling with staying motivated in your recovery, relapse may feel imminent. On the other hand, believing that you have mastered recovery can open the door to ambivalence and relapse.

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