35 Thanksgiving Games for Kids and Adults

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Turkeys are the star of Thanksgiving, which means they their very own party game. Just print off calling cards and pick your markers — something edible (M&M’s) or seasonal (pumpkin seeds or corn kernels). It’s all up to chance in “Roll a Turkey,” a high-stakes game that requires players to roll exactly the right number on the dice to collect each piece of the turkey.

It helps in keeping the festive spirit and allows everyone to volunteer for a good cause. Select organizations that you can donate to, host a fundraiser online, and invite all members. That is the premise of this simple, but thought-provoking activity that encourages your fellow team members to bond and discuss a variety of topics.

Thanksgiving Day Parade Themed Event

As the weather cools off, campfires are a perfect way to bring people together. Think about doing something a little different and having a bonfire event with s’mores and snacks. You can even put out some classic games like Pictionary or celebrity to help as icebreakers.

thanksgiving virtual icebreaker games

Instead of just shouting ideas at each other, try visual brainstorming. Then, he displayed people’s submissions on the screen and the team guessed who is who just from the three brands. It’s fun to identify people, plus everyone gets to share something about themselves.

More activities

Set up a new tradition and ask your team one random question each week or month. This is an ideal virtual icebreaker if you’re looking for a simple activity that anyone can participate in, for example, as you’re waiting for others to join the meeting. You can use a Slido word cloud for that, but instead of words, your participants https://remotemode.net/blog/15-effective-icebreakers-for-virtual-meetings/ will submit an emoji. This works best with larger meetings and events when a large number of emojis gets submitted. This is an ideal virtual icebreaker for recurring meetings. If you and your team meet regularly, you can turn this into a tradition and run one quiz question at the start of every one of your meetings.

working remotely in a different time zone

It’s up to everyone else to guess correctly what the object being drawn is. Read our blog articles for ideas on how you can set up a Pictionary game to start your next team meeting. Instead of playing a traditional game of pick-up sticks, assign a task to each color. If they pick a red stick, they have to share who they’er most thankful for.

Take a Virtual Field Trip

Gather your team virtually for a fun-filled night of Pictionary. Divide your colleagues into teams, and you can act as the host and assign Thanksgiving-related keywords to the person who will be drawing. Keep any funny drawings as a screenshot to cherish the memories. Virtual Thanksgiving is a way for you to celebrate with your work colleagues and teammates online.

  • Honor this festival with virtual thanksgiving office celebration ideas for employees via zoom thanksgiving activities and don’t miss out on the traditional festivities.
  • Use these or create your own Thanksgiving-themed icebreakers!
  • There will be a lot to talk about, maybe even some arguments about which candy or which movie is the best.
  • You may open your meeting with this question, either via word cloud or an open text poll, and wait for your team members’ submissions.
  • Taking turns catching up is nice and all, but why not liven up your virtual party with something to do?

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